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The House of the Blackheads is the most prestigious place in Riga for your events – conferences, seminars, visits, gala dinners or banquets. This restored building is the central site of representation in the city, the luxurious premises of the building and central location in the heart of Old Riga will provide a special aura for each event, making it unforgettable.

For centuries the House of the Blackheads was the cultural epicentre of Riga, gathering the most respected residents of Riga and their guests at festivities organised by the Blackheads and their descendants. For good reason also the President of Latvia chose exactly the House of the Blackheads as his temporary residence for four years.

Also today this building offers most luxurious and prestigious premises for organisation of significant events, concerts, performances, solemn receptions, festivities, conferences, seminars and other cultural events. Each event organised in the royal premises of the House of the Blackheads becomes unforgettable, because it encompasses the special aura of this building and the fortune of the Blackheads’ Brotherhood.

Three splendid halls are available for you – Festival Hall, Luebeck Hall and Latvian Hall, historical cabinets, which are particularly suitable for solemn receptions, official signing of treaties and banquets, as well as several additional premises – salon, basement premises for degustations, banquets and meetings.




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