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1. After receiving the registration form, you will be contacted by the project manager of SIA “Rigas nami” Event Center “House of Blackheads” (hereinafter - the House of the Black Heads).
2. The procedure for obtaining a permit, the registration form and the rules for guiding tours at the House of the Black Heads are published and regularly updated on the website
3. SIA “Rīgas nami” issues a tour guide permit (hereinafter - the Permit) (for 12 months) to a person who: a) has registered for the Permit by filling in and sending the registration form available on the website; b) has made the payment, transferring the remuneration, in the bank account of SIA “Rigas nami” in accordance with the invoice sent to the applicant electronically (to the e-mail address indicated in the registration form). Remuneration for the issuance of the Permit shall be paid in accordance with the price list of premises and services for rent of the Event Centers approved by SIA “Rīgas nami” - One-Time Permit for guided tours, regardless of the number of persons in the group. With special approval of the House of the Black Heads (valid for 12 months). Permit for 1 person - 20.00 price with VAT, EUR; c) has received and got acquainted with the provided Informative material for guided tours; d) has successfully passed the test provided electronically or in paper format with the total number of correct answers being not less than 60% of the total amount of test questions; e) has got acquainted with the guided tour regulations of the House of the Black Heads, which are provided on the website .
4. After successful fulfillment of the provisions referred to in Paragraph 3, the representative of the House of the Black Heads shall send the electronic version of the Permit to the tour guide and inform about the possibility to receive the printed version in person, as well as include the person in the SIA “Rīgas nami” Register of tour guides.
5. If the tour guide who has received the Permit agrees, the representative of the House of the Black Heads shall place the contact information of the tour guide and information about the languages in which the tour guide provides tours on the website .
6. SIA “Rīgas nami” has the right to cancel the issued Permit in any of the following cases: a) the tour guide does not have sufficient knowledge required for a tour guide; b) he/she does not comply with the Regulations for Guided Tours; c) he/she acts contrary to generally accepted principles of ethics and morals; d) he/she discredits SIA “Rīgas nami”.
7. The fee paid by the tour guide for receiving the Permit is nonrefundable, if the process of obtaining the Permit is interrupted due to the tour guide or if he/she refuses to receive the Permit.
8. The tour guide must independently monitor the validity of the Permit.
9. Before the expiry of the Permit, the tour guide must contact the contact person indicated by SIA “Rīgas nami” and inform about the wish to extend the Permit for another 12 months.
10. With his / her signature, the tour guide confirms that he / she has read and agrees to the Regulations for Guided Tours at the House of the Black Heads, as well as the use of the data indicated in this form for the preparation of the Permit and fulfillment of obligations.
11. Please consent to receiving the necessary information about the news, offers and other commercial notifications from SIA “Rīgas nami” to the e-mail address indicated in this form.