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Trip of a Black Moore

“The Trip of the Black Moor” is an adventurous excursion based on the story about the sign of recognition of the Brotherhood of Black Heads of Riga, the head of a blackamoor in the building façade elements, interior, and coat of arms. Along with the image of a blackamoor, the history revives in House of the Black Heads, telling the legendary story about the Brotherhood of Black Heads.

“The Trip of the Black Moor” in the House of the Black Heads starts in the 14th century cellars where the Black Heads used to celebrate life, each other and their saint guardians. Honouring the traditions of the Blackheads the guests of the House of the Black Heads will be treated with a glass of sparkling drink or black currant balsam, as well as specially selected truffle.

During the trip you will also see Medieval rooms and the blackamoors living there and guarding the shiny collection of silver items.

In the end of the trip, we will visit the most luxurious part of the House of the Black Heads – the splendid hall of celebrations. Guests will be taken in a magic atmosphere and brilliant chandeliers, supplemented by the gallery of royal paintings.


Service includes:

  • Visit of the House of the Black Heads and its exhibition
  • Minting coins
  • Weighing on Medieval scale
  • Team-building activities
  • A glass of black currant balsam or sparkling drink with a specially selected truffle


150 EUR per tour up to 10 persons, for extra person in group 15 EUR

*If less than 10 persons have registered for the excursion, the price of excursion regardless of the number of visitors is 150 EUR.
**To ensure higher quality and an enjoyable experience for you, we recommend to book tour for up to 25 people. If there are more persons, we suggest dividing the group.